• Adds support for audio and video messages, including the large size variants. [IOS-3378], [IOS-3387]
  • Adds support for analytics events which is available in LayerKit SDK. [IOS-3428]

Known issues for 4.1.0-pre1

  • XDK-UI: General - A bunch of NSConstraint violations related to feedback messages. [IOS-3474]
  • XDK-UI: General - Message cell sizing problems for messages containing photos. [IOS-3469]
  • XDK-UI: Audio - Audio and Video message cells can have undefined sizing, if missing or partial size information. [IOS-3465]
  • XDK-UI: Audio - Missing margins in the large message variant. [IOS-3468]
  • XDK-UI: Video - Preview posters not cropped correctly. [IOS-3471]
  • XDK-UI: Video - No black background when poster is missing. [IOS-3472]
  • XDK-UI: Video - Add fullscreen support. [IOS-3473]
  • XDK-UI: Feedback - Transfer star rating from the medium size message to large size when selecting it from the conversation view. [IOS-3459]
  • XDK-UI: Feedback - Experience rating with button action embedded in the message metadata disables rating. [IOS-3461]
  • XDK-UI: Feedback - Feedback message embedded in a carousel is wider than standalone. [IOS-3462]
  • XDK-UI: Feedback - Send button not hidden after submitting. [IOS-3463]
  • XDK-UI: Feedback - Persist local state if feedback not submitted yet, and use localData on LYRMessage to persist state before it roundtrips from the server. [IOS-3464]
  • XDK-UI: Feedback - Close large feedback message after submitting. [IOS-3460]


Follow the rest of the Core component’s (LayerKit’s) change log here and UI specific changelog here.

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