Layer UI for Web Change Log


  • Redefines the layer-widget-destroyed event; it now triggers on document.body for each removed component; access not to determine what UI Component has been removed and is about to be destroyed.


  • Fixes React adaptor for React 16


  • Attempts to fix special case where message list fails to scroll to the bottom in some environments that we are unable to actually replicate.


  • Fixes bug where SEND button, on sending, fails to trigger a Composer resize
  • Fixes bug where document.cloneNode generated dom nodes have doubled templates


  • Fixes bug that prevents event handlers from being cleaned up once a component is removed from the page


  • Possibly Breaking Changes

    • If you use textHandlers to push textData.afterText items to render, these items now render outside of the chat bubble. This shouldn’t break most CSS themes, but if you use this feature, please test and review how these render.
    • The layer-conversation-selected and onConversationSelected events no longer come with event.detail.originalEvent, and now trigger events regardless of whether a selection is done by the user clicking or by your app setting conversationList.selectedId = conversationId
  • Adds component template info to the API Reference

  • Better support for Previewing a message before its sent:

    • Use message.presend() instead of message.send() to see a preview of a message in the Message List without sending it
    • MessageHandlers will now call onRender instead of onRerender when there is a change to a message that has not been sent
  • Adds the isMessageListItem property to <layer-message-item-sent /> and <layer-message-item-received />

  • Text renderers:

    • On processing text handlers, isMessageListItem will be passed as an argument, allowing you to skip rendering some content if we are NOT in a Message List (i.e. a layer-notifier, or the Last Message of a <layer-conversation-item />
    • Text renderers that add an afterText will ONLY have afterText rendered for MessageListItems even if your app tries to populate them elsewhere.
    • Text renderers afterText will get unique CSS classes based on the handler name: layer-message-text-plain-${handlerName}
  • File Upload widget now has an accept attribute; see for usage

  • Adds endOfMessagesNode to <layer-conversation-panel /> allowing for a customizable message to be displayed when the user has scrolled/paged to the top of a conversation, and there are no more messages to load.

  • Adds dataLoadingNode to all lists allowing for a customizable message to be displayed when the data is being paged in.

  • #21: Fixes error where registerMessageComponent isn’t exposed by the layerUI object.

  • All list widgets now have a scrollToItem(item) method for scrolling to a specified Message, Conversation, Identity, etc…

  • Adds an onDestroy state, and some sanity checks around to ignore calls executed on destroyed widgets

  • Adds mocks to simplify tests involving requestAnimationFrame on scrolling

  • <layer-identities-list /> now uses onclick instead of onchange events


  • No longer requires client to be available on layerUI.init(); now waits for client to be available
  • Adds safety check to layer-typing-indicator
  • Conversation List sortBy is now used for initialization only and does not update the query


  • Breaking Changes
    • Conversation List now defaults to being sorted by lastMessage rather than createdAt; change this using the Conversation List sortBy property.

GA Release of Layer UI for Web

  • The <layer-presence /> widget is now enabled, as long as you run this with Layer WebSDK 3.2; this is automatically added to all <layer-avatar /> widgets.
  • <layer-notifier /> now has a notifyInTitlebar to enable/disable putting unread indicators in your web page’s titlebar.
  • You can now call layerUI.registerMessageComponent in place of separately calling layerUI.registerComponent and layerUI.registerMessageHandler
  • All components now have a parentComponent property; similar to parentNode but references the Webcomponent whose template caused this widget to be created.
  • All components now have a mainComponent property pointing at the root webcomponent that caused them to be added to the page.
  • All components now automatically propagate the layer.Client property to all children
  • <layer-composer /> now can work without a conversation by triggering events on send, without actually sending.
  • <layer-conversation-panel /> now has a disable property; use it to disable read receipts from being sent when this widget is hidden.
  • Emojis now use http/https to load emoji images based on your web application’s protocol
  • Adds support for a listen-to attribute to remove the need for boiler plate code to wire events from one widget to the next
    • Conversation Panel if listening to a Conversation List will change conversation whenever there is a selection event
    • Conversation Panel if listening to a Notifier widget will show any Conversation for any notification the user has clicked on
  • Adds ConversationPanel property initialConversationId for setting an initial Conversation; changes to this value do not affect the widget. This property works well when using listen-to to change conversations, but still want an initial conversation.


Breaking Changes

  • Events that previously had properties such as evt.detail.conversation, evt.detail.message, evt.detail.identity now just use evt.detail.item

Bug fixes

  • Fixes bug in image renderer that caused it to call the out-dated _render method instead of onRender
  • Previously Main Components that use Queries would generate a Query automatically after waiting 50ms to see if the app was going to provide it a Query. Now the Main Components automatically and promptly generate their own Query. If you are providing your own query, initialize the widget with useGeneratedQuery=false.
  • Calling query.update({...}) will now reapply any filter property you’ve applied to your list.

For Defining Custom Components:

  • Adds message-handler.js mixin for easier Card creation; accessed via layerUI.mixins.MessageHandler
  • Adds support for a template property that takes a String or <template /> in layerUI.registerComponent
  • Restores use of property definition ordering to insure that app-id setter can set a client prior to other setters triggering
  • Insures that setters get called only once per value prior to onAfterCreate
  • Adds noGetterFromSetter to property definitions to pevent getter from being called every time the setter is called. Used for getters that do more than just return a value (i.e. use a REST API call to get a value).
  • Adds layer-message-text-plain-has-after-text css class to any text-message renderer that adds an afterText


  • Added list-selection and list-item-selection mixins, and removed selection code from layer-conversation-list.
  • Added has-query mixin, migrated functionality for managing a query, query-id, hasGeneratedQuery property into the new mixin.


  • Adds support for a LayerConversationPanel.composeButtonsLeft which adds a panel of buttons to the left of the Composer; can be used on conjunction with LayerConversationPanel.composeButtons which adds a panel of buttons to the right of the Composer.
  • Adjust React Adaptor to insure widget is fully initialized before didComponentMount is called within your app.
  • Adds version check to insure compatible version of websdk is included.
  • Changes to UI Framework Adapters:
    • SendButton and FileUploadButton are now Main Components that can be accsessed via all of the adapters.
    • React now accepts a React Component instead of a DOM node for most properties that expect a DOM node.
  • Adds Coverage test process and better test coverage.
  • Adds saucelabs test integration.
  • Adds matrix of supported browser to
  • Font size set to 16px for all inputs in all themes to prevent IOS Zooming

Preview Features

These features currently require access to our Preview Server, but should be available in production in the near future:

  • Adds Channel support: <layer-channels-list /> and <layer-membership-list />
  • Adds <layer-presence /> widget, which is now built into <layer-avatar />


  • Fixes another bug in how Angular Adapater worked with Webcomponents lifecycle within Webcomponents Polyfil


  • Fixes bug in how Angular Adapater worked with Webcomponents lifecycle within Webcomponents Polyfil


Fixes issue where client property is lost causing widgets to stop performing actions.


  • layerUI.init() no longer expects a layer property
  • Build and dependencies are better organized
  • index.js still loads all dependencies, but layer-ui.js can be used to load only the framework, and the widgets you need can be loaded via require or import.
  • layerUI.settings.customComponents is no longer needed to prevent a component from being defined; instead either:
    • Overwrite the definition with layerUI.registerComponent() before calling layerUI.init()
    • Call layerUI.removeComponent('layer-avatar') before calling layerUI.init() to prevent the definition from being applied.
  • A class that only exists in Layer WebSDK 3.1.0 and up is tested for in this release; do not use older versions of the WebSDK.


  • Updates needed to work with Layer WebSDK 3.1.0


  • Customizability Improvements
    • Standardizes and documents widget lifecycle
    • Adds mixin support to enable apps to customize widgets and hook into lifecycle methods
  • Flux Architecture support
    • Provides a state property that is propagated to subcomponents
    • Any change to state will call the onRenderState() method for the widget and all of its subcomponents.
    • state can be used to write both application state as well as actions that widgets should be able to call. Calling such actions are called by your mixins that enhance the widget.
  • The Message Item widget <layer-message-item /> with its CSS class of layer-message-item-sent or layer-message-item-received is removed.
    • Added <layer-message-item-sent /> widget
    • Added <layer-message-item-received /> widget
    • Removed support for a widget to have multiple templates to pick from
    • Apps that customized layer-message-item template or widget should now customize layer-message-item-sent or layer-message-item-received instead.
    • Any custom CSS will need to be updated from layer-message-item.layer-message-item-received to just layer-message-item-received.


  • Build Fixes
    • Fixes the missing layerUI.registerComponent method
    • Fixes missing themes/build folder in npm distribution
    • Fixes missing build/*.js folder in npm distribution
  • Composer Enhancements
    • Adds a Send button
    • Adds a ConversationPanel.send() method to let apps send the contents of the Composer.
    • Updates design of the File Upload button
    • Adds onComposerChangeValue property / layer-composer-change-value event to the ConversationPanel widget.
    • Triggers a layer-composer-change-value event when the input changes; this helps Flux architectures to put the current value into their state.
  • Adds Message parameter to the registerTextHandler callback arguments
  • Fixes backbone adapter; which had errors from the introduction of ES6 syntax
  • Fixes to emptyMessageListNode to handle rerendering better
  • Theming
    • Moves most of the CSS for Layer Avatars from the template to the theme
    • Some cleanup and reworking of themes and theme variables


  • Adds composePlaceholder property to <layer-conversation-panel> to control the composer’s placeholder property
  • Adds emptyMessageListNode property to <layer-conversation-panel> to render custom dom when the current conversation has no messages
  • Theme updates
  • Private properties/methods now use _
  • Fixes ‘’ handling of conversationId for unauthenticated client
  • Fixes setter usage of newValue, oldValue in various setters.
  • Removes (for now) listWidth and listHeight properties that are passed to List Items to help optimize rendering. Switches to CSS based resizing. Primarily for Images. See instaed LayerUI.settings.maxSizes.
  • Fixes issue in DragAndDropFileWatcher that caused compiler to miscompile


  • Fixes bug using the appId passed into layerUI.init()
  • Full es6 conversation, babel compile, and eslintification of code base
  • Adds verification that appId refers to a Client
  • Adds a Date Separator component
  • Now uses !conversation.lastMessage.isRead instead of conversation.unreadCount for flagging a conversation as unread
  • Refactoring of method and property names to underscore prefix private names
  • JSDoc cleanup

0.9.0 Early Beta

  • We shipped!
  • Wait, you want changelogs? Already?
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