Integration Checklist

Every iOS app that integrates the Layer SDK should do the following:

  1. Use +[LYRClient clientWithAppID:delegate:options:] to create your LYRClient instance, providing a LYRClientDelegate.
  2. Instantiate LYRClient with an instance of LYRClientOptions; set LYRClientSynchronizationPolicy to LYRClientSynchronizationPolicyPartialHistory and partialHistoryMessageCount to 1.
  3. Implement the authentication flow and make sure you can authenticate successfully
  4. Implement layerClient:didReceiveAuthenticationChallengeWithNonce:, which should run through the same authentication flow with the provided nonce.
  5. Use LYRQueryController to build your UI if not using Atlas.
  6. Setup APS push notifications using our push setup instructions
  7. Setup log collection using our support logging instructions.