Install Layer

Layer is distributed as a source code package or compiled bundle, and can be easily integrated into a new app or an existing codebase with standard tooling.


Atlas can be installed directly into your application via CocoaPods or by directly importing the source code files. Please note that Atlas has a direct dependency on LayerKit that must be satisfied in order to build the components.

CocoaPods Installation

The recommended path for installation is CocoaPods. You can add Atlas to your project via CocoaPods by adding the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'Atlas'

Since Atlas has a direct dependency on LayerKit, the use of dynamic frameworks is required; therefore please add the following line to the top of you podfile:


Complete the installation by executing:

pod install

Source Code Installation

If you wish to install Atlas directly into your application from source, then clone the repository and add code and resources to your application:

  1. Drag and drop the files from the Code and Resources directories onto your project, instructing Xcode to copy items into your destination group’s folder.
  2. Update your project settings to include the linker flags: -ObjC -lz
  3. Add the following Cocoa SDK frameworks to your project: 'CFNetwork', 'Security', 'MobileCoreServices', 'SystemConfiguration', 'CoreLocation'

Build and run your project to verify installation was successful. For more information, check out Atlas on GitHub.

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