A user’s sense of privacy, and Layer’s Customers sense of privacy is of course important to us. That said, this document highlights some of what you should know.


User’s have the ability to block other users, allowing them to have a sense of privacy and security around the kinds of people that they interact with. If User A blocks User B:

  • User B can create a conversation with User A but User A will never see it.
  • User B can not see messages sent by User A in any Conversation in which they are both participants
  • Note that these rules do not apply to Channels, only Conversations
  • Note that this feature does not at this time prevent access to Identity and Presence information
Policy blockPolicy = Policy.builder(Policy.PolicyType.BLOCK).sentByUserId(blockedUserId).build();

LayerPolicyListener layerPolicyListener = new LayerPolicyListener() {
            public void onPolicyListUpdate(LayerClient client, List<Policy> oldPolicyList, List<Policy> newPolicyList) {
            	// Handle as needed


Layer Clients collect telemetry data to better understand how the SDKs are used, what actions users are taking, and what performance those users are observing. No Personally Identifiable Information is collected, and telemetry can be disabled if desired.

What you should know about this data:

  • No user identifiable data is tracked; no user_ids, names, message content, conversation metadata, nor any data about whom you are having conversations with
  • We do track:
    • how many messages are sent
    • how many conversations are created
    • how many authentications/deauthentications
    • how many queries are fired, and whether those queries are on Messages, Conversations, Identities, Announcements, etc.
    • how many syncs are performed by the device
    • how quickly each of the above activies were performed

This data will allow us to better tune our services for performance, and to better model and optimize based on how users are using our services. In the future, it will also be made available to Layer’s customers so they can better analyze how their apps are being used.

Telemetry can be disabled:


Not available till layer-android-sdk version 0.23.15

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