Getting started

Layer provides two libraries and two sample applications that show example usage of each.

Option 1: Atlas

The first and recommended option to get started is Atlas. Atlas is an open source UI components library that handles communication with the Layer SDK. This allows for straightforward integration into your app. Some customization is provided but it may be necessary to fork the project if advanced customization is required.

Atlas Messenger is a full-featured messaging app built using the Atlas library. This provides a reference implementation for Atlas.

Option 2: Layer SDK

You can also include the Layer SDK directly into your app without UI components. This is useful if you already have a chat UI/UX that you want to integrate Layer with.

What should I use to get started

Atlas Layer SDK
Use if Starting without an existing chat UI/UX You have an existing chat UI/UX in your app
Include via Maven Maven
Advantages Least amount of time to integrate and has minimal customization Allows for the most flexibility in UI design
Disadvantages Must fork to implement advanced customizations More time and complexity to integrate with UI
Overview Install SDK