You can delete either individual messages or entire conversations and channels. Deleting a conversation also deletes the associated messages. Deleting a message only affects that message and its parts.

Layer supports two deletion modes:

  • My devices: Content will only be deleted for the currently authenticated user. The deletion will also propagate to the user’s other devices. The content will not be deleted for other participants who have access to it.
    • This option is not avaialble for deleting channels
    • This option is not avaialble for deleting messages within channels
  • All participants: The object will be marked as deleted (“tombstoned”) from all devices for all participants. The deleted object will be considered completely deleted, and will not appear in queries or other SDK methods.


Marking content as deleted does not immediately purge it from storage. Deletion of the underlying content happens asynchronously.

// Deletes a message
message.delete(DeletionMode deletionMode);

// Deletes a conversation.
conversation.delete(DeletionMode deletionMode);
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