Server API Reference

The Server API provides system-level access to Layer content and actions. It also allows you to integrate the functionality provided by Layer with other services and applications. Example use cases include creating a new conversation between participants when they are matched up elsewhere your backend services, sending announcements to groups of users, creating Bots (in conjunction with Layer’s Webhooks API), keeping Conversation metadata in sync with data in your servers.


The Server APIs are designed to be used from the security of your backend servers. Web browsers and custom clients should instead use the Client API.

The Server APIs often work in conjunction with Layer’s Webhooks API to enable responsive automation, such as is seen in bots, and third party service integrations.

This document is organized into the following sections:

  1. Core concepts of working with Layer
  2. Common rules and expectations for working with the Server APIs
  3. Definition of the Objects used throughout the API
  4. Documentation for each endpoint or operation