Basic Identities

The following JSON represents a typical Basic Identity. It is referred to throughout this document as BasicIdentity; also note that Identity is frequently used when the full Identity object is needed to identify a user.

  • Identity: Used when using Identity-specific operations
  • BasicIdentity: Used when referencing an Identity from another Object

Note that these represent the same user, one simply contains more detail.

  "id": "layer:///identities/1234",
  "url": "",
  "user_id": "1234",
  "display_name": "One Two Three Four",
  "avatar_url": ""
Name Type Description
id string Layer’s internal ID for this user
url string A URL for accessing the Identity via the REST API
user_id string Your application’s ID for this user
display_name string Optional display name used when rendering this user in a UI
avatar_url string Optional url to an avatar image

For more information on the field of this object, see Identity object.