Status Messages

A Status Message is a Message within the Message List that:

  • Does not have an avatar, nor indicate any sender
  • Is centered rather than right or left aligned as though it came from one or the other participant
  • Does not have a timestamp
  • Supports only textual information
A simple Status Message
Name Required Type Description
mime_type Yes String application/vnd.layer.location+json
text Yes String This is the core data rendered by the Core UI for this Message
custom_data No Object Data that will not be understood by any Layer provided Renderer, but which will allow additional context to be stored in the Message so your server can better understand it when next your server sees the Message

SAPI payload for creating a Status Message:

	"sender_id": "layer:///identities/frodo-the-dodo",
	"parts": [
			"id": "layer:///messages/GENERATE_A_UUID/parts/GENERATE_A_UUID",
			"mime_type": "application/vnd.layer.status+json;role=root",
			"body": JSON.stringify({
        "text": "Frodo is leaving the Conversation"