Receipt Messages

The Receipt Message is a Message that renders:

  • a list of Products
  • a shipping address
  • a total price
  • payment info
Standard Receipt Message
Name Required Type Description
mime_type Yes String application/vnd.layer.receipt+json
currency N String ISO 4217 currency codes; default is USD
payment_method Y String Arbirary string, often of the form “Visa ****-XXXX”
order N Object Object describing the Order
order.number N String Order Number / Order ID
summary Y Object Summary of the order
summary.product_cost N Number The sum of all costs for all products (not currently rendered)
summary.total_tax N Number Total taxes for the purchase (not currently rendered)
summary.shipping_cost N Number Shipping charges for the purchase (not currently rendered)
summary.total_cost N Number Sum of all costs; this is always rendered
summary.subtitle N String Summary of order (Not currently rendered)
custom_data No Object Data that will not be understood by any Layer provided Renderer, but which will allow additional context to be stored in the Message so your server can better understand it when next your server sees the Message

Message Part Roles:

Name Required Type Description
billing-address N Location Message A billing address; not rendered in the basic Receipt Message View
shipping-address Y Location Message The shipping address; rendered in the basic Receipt Message View
product-item Y Product Message One or more Products (each represented by its Message Parts) that are part of the receipt

A Receipt Message can be created using the following SAPI request:

	"sender_id": "layer:///identities/frodo-the-dodo",
	"parts": [
      "mime_type": "application/vnd.layer.receipt+json;role=root",
      "id": "layer:///messages/GENERATE_A_UUID/parts/" + id1,
      "body": JSON.stringify({
          "payment_method": "VISA ****1234",
          "order": {
              "number": "FRODO-DODO-ONE"
          "summary": {
              "subtitle": "Your Purchase is Complete",
              "shipping_cost": 350.01,
              "total_tax": 0.01,
              "total_cost": 350.02
    }, {
        "mime_type": "application/vnd.layer.product+json;role=product-item;parent-node-id=" + id1,
        "id": "layer:///messages/GENERATE_A_UUID/parts/" + id2,
        "body": JSON.stringify({
            "name": "Formal Strait Jacket",
            "brand": "Prison Garb Inc",
            "description": "The right choice for special occasions with your crazed inlaws.  This will make you feel like you at last belong.",
            "image_urls": [""],
            "price": 525,
            "url": ""
    }, {
        "mime_type": "application/vnd.layer.choice+json;role=options;parent-node-id=" + id2,
        "id": "layer:///messages/GENERATE_A_UUID/parts/" + id3,
        "body": JSON.stringify({
            "label": "Size",
            "type": "label",
            "enabled_for": "layer:///identities/174fe653-85a1-4667-b166-9c35c1caa0b7",
            "choices": [{
                "id": "small",
                "text": "Small"
            }, {
                "id": "medium",
                "text": "Medium"
            }, {
                "id": "large",
                "text": "Large"
    }, {
        "mime_type": "application/vnd.layer.location+json;role=shipping-address;parent-node-id=" + id1,
        "id": "layer:///messages/GENERATE_A_UUID/parts/GENERATE_A_UUID",
        "body": {
            "description": "Description should not show",
            "city": "San Francisco",
            "postal_code": "94107",
            "administrative_area": "CA",
            "street1": "655 4th st"
    }, {
        "mime_type": "application/vnd.layer.initialresponsestate-v1+json;role=initial_response_state;parent-node-id=" + id3,
        "id": "layer:///messages/GENERATE_A_UUID/parts/GENERATE_A_UUID",
        "body": JSON.stringify([{
            "operation": "add",
            "type": "FWW",
            "value": "small",
            "name": "selection",
            "id": "kBTjC_",
            "identity_id": "layer:///identities/174fe653-85a1-4667-b166-9c35c1caa0b7"