An Organization represents:

  • A set of applications
  • A set of members who are in the organization
  • Settings for how applications from this organization will be authenticated
  • Billing information

When a new user signs up, an account is created for that user, along with a personal organization, owned by that new user. That user can invite other users to join the organization by inviting them via email.

Administrators of other organizations can invite this user to join their organization, and give the user access to their applications. A user can be a member of any number of organizations, but may have different roles and permissions within each organization.

After selecting an Organization from your Dashboard Home page, you can select View Organization to view and setup the organization.


The Applications tab simply lists your Applications. This list is not functionally different from the list shown on the home page, and can be used to open an Application page.


The Members tab lists all members of the organization.

Organization Admins may change the roles of existing members and invite new members from this page.


This page is typically needed by an engineer working on a server that is providing Identity Tokens to authenticate your users with Layer’s services. A service that generates Identity Tokens is called an Identity Service.

A typical Identity Service will require the Provider ID and one Authentication Key in order to set it up; these are both provided on this page. To read more about how authentication works click here.

Only an Admin of your organization can generate an Authentication Key.


Setup your organization’s name, description, icons, etc…

Note that the Name field is used to set the url that will be used to access this organization such that you can bookmark it and share it with team mates.

Only the Admin of the organization can access this page.


For an organization that has enabled payment, this page shows:

  • A Change Plans button which will contact support with this request
  • Update credit card payment information
  • View the usage data that billing is based upon
  • View invoices

For an organization that has not enabled payment, this page just shows:

  • A Go Live button which will contact support with this request

This page is only available to users with the Billing Manager role within the Organization.