Billing Management

By introducing Organizations every paid plan is part of an organization. Organizations with a paid plan get access to production Application environment for all its applications.

In order to go live with your Layer powered application you need a paid plan. If you haven’t done that yet please contact us.

If you are an organization owner or a billing manager you get access to billing. This is where you ask to make a change to your plan, update your payment information, view monthly authenticated users, past invoices etc.

Payment information

Once our sales team gives you production access, you will need to enter your payment information i.e. a valid Credit Card. Log in to your Dashboard and follow these steps:

  1. Select the organization you would like to enable for production from the dropdown
  2. Navigate to organization settings by clicking View organization
  3. In the Billing section, update your payment method by adding a valid Credit Card

You can only see this if you are an organization owner or a billing manager.

Go live

Once you have entered your payment information, any application within that organization will be able to go live. Make sure your developers have access to those applications and that they switch to production application IDs.

For any other questions please contact